Cendyn Social Influence Marketing

Influence is the power to affect persons or events especially based on prestige. In the context of Social Media, influencers can have a profound multiplier effect on the reach and impact of an idea or message. With Cendyn's Social Influence Marketing Platform you can leverage the power of Social Media to:

  • Identify the social influencers with an affinity for your brand
  • Capture valuable consumer insight about them, as well as their community
  • Turn them into brand advocates

In the process of using the platform you will also:

  • Expand your marketing database with valid opted-in cell phone numbers
  • Enhance your CRM database with all of the captured insight
  • Generate incremental revenue from the social media channel
  • Increase your fans and followers

The Social Influence Marketing Platform is unique to the hospitality industry, providing a database acquisition and revenue generation engine that multiplies campaign results through viral social influence sharing. It's a powerful social media lead generation and analytics solution that provides the ability to capture, engage, listen to and leverage each guest and their sphere of influence via special offers that are presented in a contest format.

The personalized contest offer is distributed to your existing customer base (via social media, email, text, direct mail etc.) from Cendyn's data warehouse system. The offer includes a link to a personalized web page where consumers need to register to enter by providing their name, email address, cell phone number, age and gender. Once they are registered they are presented with additional chances to win by sharing the offer with their friends and family via social media platforms. When their friends respond, the cycle continues and our powerful back-end analytics captures and tracks the viral growth of the campaign, the social influence and consumer insight of each participant, and all detailed registration data for future marketing efforts.